Yo nde Nioso – Déborah Taty & Plamedi Diangi

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Artist:  Déborah Taty & Plamedi Diangi

Song Title: Yo nde Nioso

Genre: Gospel, Christian

Album: Un chant, une prière 1

Year: 2021

Song Type: Mp3 & Video

Title: “Yo Nde Nioso: A Soul-Stirring Gospel Song by Déborah Taty & Plamedi Diangi”


Mp3 Download Yo nde Nioso By Déborah Taty & Plamedi Diangi

Gospel music has the power to uplift and inspire, and few songs do it better than “Yo nde Nioso” by Déborah Taty & Plamedi Diangi. This soulful track is a standout from their album, Un chant, une prière 1, released in 2021, and it’s a perfect representation of the duo’s passion for spreading the good word through their music.

“Yo nde Nioso” is a beautiful gospel song that showcases Déborah Taty & Plamedi Diangi’s undeniable talent and their commitment to spreading a message of hope and positivity through their music. Whether you’re a devoted Christian or simply appreciate great music, this track is sure to leave you feeling inspired and uplifted.



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Que ferai- je, où irai sans toi Jésus (2×)

Ma vie n’a pas de sens sans toi
Loin de toi je ne sais que mourir

Tu m’as crée à ton image et à ta ressemblance Yahweh, Yahweh
Je veux être comme toi (Être comme toi)
Vivre comme toi (Vivre comme toi)
Marcher comme toi Yahweh

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Chœur :
Na zala loleng’ozali Yesu, Eh (4×)
(Komisa nga) Esik’ozali (4×)

Na kende wapi eh, Yo nde ozali na maloba ya bomoy
Na luka nani eh, Yo nde ozali liziba ya bomoy
Na loba nini eh, Yo nde nionso, yo nde nionso

refrain :
Libanda na yo bomoy’ ezali te
Libanda na yo bomoy ezali te