Only You – RLCM Feat. Kelly Boek

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Artist:  RLCM Feat. Cory Simon

Song Title: Only You

Genre: Gospel, Christian

Album: Holy Dwelling 

Year: 2022

Song Type: Mp3 & Video

Title: “Only You: An inspiring Gospel Song by RLCM Feat. Kelly Boek”


Mp3 Download Only You By RLCM Feat. Kelly Boek

Music has always been a powerful medium to convey emotions, feelings, and beliefs. One genre that has been an integral part of the music industry is gospel music. Gospel music is a genre that combines Christian beliefs with music to create a powerful and emotional experience for the listeners. In this light “Only You By RLCM Feat. Kelly Boek from the album “Holy Dwelling” released in 2022 is one of it.

“Only You” is an unmistakable anthem of devotion and submission to Jesus. Its lyrics exude adoration, reverence and worship towards him. It serves as a reminder that our existence is futile without Him and that our purpose can only be fulfilled through Him. The song’s message underscores how God’s presence can bring inner serenity, solace, and resilience, underscoring that only He can fulfill the most profound yearnings of our souls.



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