O IMMANUEL – Godstime Okorie

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Artist:  Godstime Okorie

Song Title: O IMMANUEL

Genre: Gospel, Christian


Year: 2019

Song Type: Mp3 & Video

Title: “Discovering the Divine Presence: O IMMANUEL by Godstime Okorie”


There are some songs in the world of music that have the mysterious power to carry listeners to a state of enlightenment and reflection. “O IMMANUEL” by Godstime Okorie, a gripping release that swept the music industry off its feet on November 23, 2019, is one such entrancing song. In this article, we explore this soul-stirring melody’s tremendous significance and impact as we delve into its seductive charm.

The writing of “O IMMANUEL” is evidence of Godstime Okorie’s extraordinary talent. A soft acoustic guitar strum sets the mood for the song and seems to be preparing the listeners for a profound experience. Layers of airy harmonies and soft percussions weave together as the melody develops, adding to the emotional richness of the song. Throughout the lyrics, Okorie’s lyrical voice effortlessly carry an honest declaration of adoration that touches the hearts of all listeners.

Since its release, “O IMMANUEL” has garnered widespread acclaim and resonated deeply with audiences across the globe. The song’s message of hope and comfort has touched the hearts of many, inspiring a renewed sense of faith and a deeper connection with the divine. Through Okorie’s musical masterpiece, listeners have found solace and strength, experiencing moments of spiritual awakening and finding peace amidst life’s challenges.



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Oh Immanuel
Oh Immanuel
Saturate my heart
Cause an Overflow
Oh Immanuel

Dwell Your Word in me
So I can gladly live Your days
Reveal Your truth in me
So I can clearly know Your ways
Make me over Spirit
So you can cause an Overflow
Oh Immanuel