Jelly Roll – Full Album “Whitsitt Chapel”

“Jelly Roll’s Soul-Stirring Gospel Album: Whitsitt Chapel”

Renowned artist Jelly Roll has once again proven his versatility and artistic prowess with the release of his captivating gospel album, “Whitsitt Chapel.” Comprising a total of twelve soul-stirring tracks, this remarkable musical collection transcends boundaries and embraces the genres of gospel and Christian music. Released in 2023, the album showcases Jelly Roll’s deep-rooted connection with his faith and offers a spiritual journey for listeners to embark upon.

With “Whitsitt Chapel,” Jelly Roll effortlessly demonstrates his ability to infuse his unique style into the traditional sounds of gospel, creating a mesmerizing fusion of modern and timeless melodies. Each track stands as a testament to his devotion and passion for spreading messages of hope, love, and devotion through his art. From uplifting anthems that celebrate the joy of faith to contemplative ballads that touch the soul, the album embodies the true essence of gospel music.

Fans and newcomers alike can expect an awe-inspiring experience when delving into the heartfelt tunes of “Whitsitt Chapel.” Jelly Roll’s masterful storytelling and emotive vocals will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression, making this album a must-listen for anyone seeking solace and inspiration in the realm of gospel and Christian music. As Jelly Roll continues to push the boundaries of his craft, “Whitsitt Chapel” remains a shining testament to the enduring power of music to connect hearts and souls on a profound level.

List of Complete Tracks in Jelly Roll Album “Whitsitt Chapel” 

  1. Halfway To Hell

  2. Church

  3. The Lost

  4. Behind Bars (with Brantley Gilbert & Struggle Jennings)

  5. Nail Me

  6. Hold On Me

  7. Kill A Man

  8. Unlive (with Yelawolf)

  9. Save Me (with Lainey Wilson)

  10. She

  11. Need A Favor

  12. Dancing With The Devil

  13. Hungover In A Church Pew

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