Humura – Prosper Nkomezi [Mp3]

Artist:  Prosper Nkomezi

Song Title: Humura

Genre: Christian 

Song Number: 9

Album: Sinzahwema Album, Vol. 1

Total Tracks NO: 10 

Duration: 8:15 Minutes

Released Year: 2018

Song Type: Mp3 & Video

Prosper Nkomezi’s gospel song “Humura” is a soul-stirring composition found in the Sinzahwema Album, Vol. 1. As the ninth track in this collection of spiritual melodies, “Humura” showcases Nkomezi’s devotion to Christian music. The song, lasting for 8 minutes and 15 seconds, invites listeners into a profound worship experience, weaving together elements of faith, hope, and resilience. Released in 2018, the Sinzahwema Album, Vol. 1, is a testament to Nkomezi’s commitment to delivering impactful gospel messages through his music. Whether enjoyed as an MP3 or experienced through the accompanying video, “Humura” stands as a powerful addition to the repertoire of Gospel songs, uplifting and inspiring audiences with its divine message.

It’s worth noting that the Sinzahwema Album, Vol. 1, comprises a total of 10 tracks, with “Humura” holding the significant position as the ninth piece. Prosper Nkomezi’s artistic expression in this album reflects a deep connection to his Christian faith, creating an immersive musical journey for listeners. The choice to release the song as both an MP3 and a video adds a multimedia dimension to the worship experience, allowing individuals to engage with “Humura” in a way that resonates most with them. In the realm of Christian music, Nkomezi’s work stands out as a heartfelt contribution, contributing to the spiritual landscape with his unique blend of melody and message.


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Humura Lyrics By Prosper Nkomezi