HEMBURA – James and Daniella [Mp3]

Artist:  James and Daniella 

Song Title: HEMBURA

Genre: Christian 

Song Number: 1


Total Tracks NO: Single  

Duration: 8:26 Minutes

Released Year: 2020

Song Type: Mp3 & Video

James and Daniella’s Christian composition “HEMBURA” is a captivating spiritual journey that unfolds in a single track within their album of the same name. Released in 2020, this musical offering is an immersive experience, spanning 8:26 minutes of rich harmonies and evocative lyrics. As a single within the album, “HEMBURA” showcases the duo’s ability to craft a complete and impactful narrative within the confines of a single track, demonstrating their mastery in Christian music.

With both Mp3 and video formats, the duo provides a multi-sensory encounter for their audience. The title “HEMBURA” suggests a deeper cultural or spiritual significance, and the duration of the song implies a deliberate and thoughtful exploration of themes. This release is not just a mere composition; it’s an artistic expression that invites listeners to reflect on their faith. James and Daniella’s ability to blend elements of worship seamlessly with a contemporary sound makes “HEMBURA” a standout piece within the Christian genre, offering an uplifting and immersive experience for all who encounter it.


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HEMBURA Lyrics By James and Daniella

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