Asante Baba – Ambwene Mwasongwe

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Artist:  Ambwene Mwasongwe 

Song Title: Asante Baba

Genre: Gospel, Christian

Album: Asante Baba

Year: 2019

Song Type: Mp3 & Video

Title: “Asante Baba” by Ambwene Mwasongwe: A Powerful Gospel Song That Brings Thankfulness to Life


Mp3 Download Asante Baba By Ambwene Mwasongwe

Ambwene Mwasongwe, a talented gospel artist, released a new song called “Asante Baba” on April 10th, 2019. The song is an inspiring and uplifting piece that expresses gratitude to God for His endless love and blessings.

The soulful and rhythmic tune of “Asante Baba” is guided by Mwasongwe’s smooth vocals. The music employs a straightforward yet powerful arrangement that combines traditional African beats with contemporary instruments. The song’s message, though conveyed in Swahili, a commonly spoken language in East Africa, can be appreciated by those who do not understand the language.



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